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How Can I Deal with The Stress of a Job Injury?

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Is your job injury stressing you out?

Do you feel anxious and overwhelmed?

Is limited mobility due to your injury causing you concern? 

High levels of stress can be damaging to your personal life, your health and your well-being. If you’re stressed out, you may need to consult your doctor to help resolve any emotional challenges you may have about your injury.

Your doctor can be a great resource for understanding and dealing with stress. He or she can give you a realistic evaluation of your injury and what it can mean in terms of time away from work and how well you are expected to recover.

Your doctor may also prescribe therapy or medication to help you relax and focus on healing instead of worrying. If you don’t want to go to a doctor to help reduce stress you could also try:

  1. Asking for help when you need it and accepting it when it’s offered.
  2. Laughing – humor can help reduce stress and anxiety.
  3. Relax with meditation and breathing techniques to reduce stress and muscle tension.
  4. Visualize your injury healing or take a moment to see yourself performing rehabilitation in your mind before you actually perform it. 
  5. Adjust your goals and expectations, because setbacks can happen. The timeline for your recovery may be different from that of someone else with the same injury.

You shouldn’t have to deal with stress while you are healing from a work injury. Contact an experienced Colorado workers’ compensation attorney about your rights.


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