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Mathew Kaufman Interviewed by The River 99.5 with Nathan in the Morning!

Why is now the time when a lot of worker’s compensation cases are being handled across the area?

The biggest thing is the end of the year. Insurance companies love to settle cases and they want to close cases so they can access premiums for the next year. November and December are really big times for settlement. There’s a big issue for the insurance companies to try and close those claims. If someone does have an open worker’s compensation case and it’s looking like it’s going to close soon, right now is a really good time to contact an attorney to try to settle it and maximize what you might get in the end.

Why is that?

Worker’s compensation claims are difficult in Colorado. The insurance companies definitely have the upper hand, so it’s important to have someone review your case and see what’s going on. With insurance companies taking so many turns to try and close cases down prematurely, it’s best to have someone in your corner to fight for your rights.

What should you do first if you’re injured on the job?

Right away, you need to report your injury in writing to your employer. Most employers have forms set up for that given to them by insurance companies called a First Report of Injury. But a lot of employers drag their feet there, so if they don’t do a report of injury, it’s important for an injured worker to go ahead and do a report themselves in writing within the first four days. There could be some penalties if you don’t do it right away.

Are there benefits someone can expect if they’re injured on the job? 

There are three main benefits that you’re entitled to if you’re injured on the job. 

  1. 100% of your medical benefits should be covered. There should be no out of pockets, deductibles or co-pays.
  2. 2/3 of your weekly wage tax free up to a state maximum.
  3. If there’s permanent disability, it should be accessed and paid for by the insurance company.

If someone calls you at Kaufman & Kaufman, LLC. or goes to your website, what benefit would that provide?

Know your rights! That’s the first thing an attorney can do is help assist people in understanding how the system works and how to navigate the system along with the pitfalls. If you’re not getting the benefits that you’re entitled to – which is very likely the case because it takes time to get there – we can assist in getting that done. If we have to, we can go to court, to get a judge to rule in their favor. 

We need to educate people to begin with and I get a lot of calls for that reason. Of course, we don’t charge anything for that. But, in the end, if we do need to get involved and fight for peoples’ rights, then we can take it to an administrative law judge, if necessary. 

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